Make. Eat. Drink. began as a conversation between artists Keith Kreeger & Ryan McKerley.  Longtime potters and friends, they decided to put together a dinner to illustrate the importance of the object within a meal and more importantly, how collaboration creates a new experience.  Each year artists and chefs from some of the best restaurants in town team up to create, course by course, a one-of-a-kind dinner.

Lineup, Location and Tickets for the next Make. Eat. Drink. on September 12, 2016


Location- Eastside Glass Studios

Artists: Keith Kreeger, Ryan McKerley, Leigh Taylor Wyatt, Sharon Funari & Petrified Design

Food & Drink: Andrew Francisco & Adam Bryan




Location- Canopy

Artists - Keith Kreeger, Ryan McKerley, Leigh Taylor Wyatt, Sharon Funari & Michael Yates

Food & Drink- Shion Aikawa, Michael Fojtasek, Grae Nonas, & Elyse Hoang


Location- Justine's Secret House

Artists- Keith Kreeger, Ryan McKerley, Michael McCarthy, Abigail Murray

Food & Drink- Casey Wilcox, James Dumapit, Fiore Tedesco, Clinton Kendell, Amanda Turner & Jasmine Jones


Location- Franklin BBQ

Artists- Keith Kreeger, Ryan McKerley, Michael McCarthy

Food and Drink- Aaron Franklin, Alexandra Manley, Andrew Wiseheart, David Alan and Joe Eifler